Zindagi Gulzar Hai (2) – Cast, Storyline and Direction

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This is the second part on cast,storyline and direction of ‘Zindagi Gulzar hai’. Before reading on you might like to Read the introduction here.

Truly an epitome of art!

Feeling challenged about what to cite and what not too. I cannot mention with certainty what I cherished most about the show; it had too many aspects to consider best.

The show starts with self talk and diary writing of Kashaf, played by Sanam Saeed, and Zaroon, played by Fawad Khan, at their respective home.

kashaf diary writing in zindagi gulzar haiKashaf : “Zindagi ek both bada masla hai, itna bada masla ki isko hal karte karte insaan khatam ho jata hai, magar yeh hal nahi hota..

[Life is a huge dilemma, so huge that one ends up trying to resolve it, but it doesn’t get resolved]

zaroon inner dialogue in zindagi gulzar haiZaroon : “Zindagi kya Khoobsurat cheez hai, har din naya, surprises, achievements, ups and downs, kya shandar package banaya hai allah ne zindagi ki shakal mai magar is shandar package mai ek tension hai aurat..

[Life what a beautiful thing it is, everyday is new, surprises, achievements, ups and downs. What an amazing package God has created in face of life but there is one tension in this package – women]

Introducing Kashaf as an extreme pessimistic girl, disheartened with the fate life had planned for her and her family, habitually complaining God for their life’s struggle. She had issues with men and marriage as her father, left them and married again for a son. Sanam Saeed marvelously portrayed a strong-minded, dauntless person communicating the feeling of ill-will with realness.  Sanam flawlessly upheld an unswerving woman as a daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law and student. Her voice and determination made us fall in love with Kashaf. The enticing table talk of the mother and sisters was acceptable and pleasing, especially her chit chat with Sidra, played by Mansha Pasha. The bantering back and forth of Kashaf and Sidra was an awaited aspect. Ovations for Mansha Pasha enacting a soul sister, responding with blend of politesse and humorous repartee to Kashaf. Three sisters, specially, Kashaf was taught morality by their mother, Rafiya Murtaza played by Samina Peerzada – a consummate actor, a lady who with all her heart personified an ideal mother having integrity , patience and balanced mind to bestow unconditional love. Each dialogue by the lady was substantial and deep. Her husband Murtaza, played by Abbas Wasim, used to be heedless about his responsibilities; yet had curiosity about know-how of her family. He proficiently played the character of a person whose attitude and perspective changed with other people’s circumstances. The step-mother, Nigar Murtaza, played by Shazia Afgan was not portrayed as a vamp; she delineated plausible insecurities and jealousy.

On the other hand, Zaroon, an optimist, called a male chauvinist, had issues with over independence of woman in society. Though a rich, spoiled brat; still, sensible as wished to be on his own. Throwing light upon Fawad Khan’s character in any amount won’t completely rationalize how seasoned actor he is. His voice, glance, telling eyes and more than that his acting won many heart’s this time also, even with a male bigot’s character. His dad, Junaid, played by Javed Shaikh, again a renowned face of drama industry, eloquently mirrored a person with aplomb, who didn’t like to interrupt people to change attitude according to his mentality; believed in communicating but not enforcing and taking offense. Ghazala Junaid, played by Hina Khawaja Bayat, Zaroon’s mother, an independent mother who loved and cared for her children but believed in concept of personal space for all. Just like Sidra’s character, younger sibling of Zaroon, Sara Junaid, was gracefully and categorically enacted by Ayesha Omer. Credits to Ayesha Omer for adding life to sibling chit-chat filled with quips, shouts, love, tears and so forth. The other character worth mentioning is, Uncle Abrar, played by Behroze zwari. The way he was introduced in the first episode with Zaroon saying ‘Uncle Abrar aaye hain’ was simply wonderful, one of the best scenes of drama. His affectionate admonitory speech for Zaroon and fatherly love for Kashaf splendidly touched the heart; Kudos to him. Ultimately, no stone was left unturned while selecting the cast.

Thereby, a distinguished first episode; not just meant to introduce lead actors and explicitly build curiosity; instead defined the whole plot. The lead actors, Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan’s chemistry left the viewers awestricken. Both of them impeccably maintained their peculiarities as Kashaf and Zaroon even while showing on screen romance in last episodes. Zaroon and Kashaf will be remembered forever and their self talks too.  Each actor efficiently reflected the peculiar idiosyncrasies. It would be a paradox to ornate the language to describe the direction and storyline of the drama; as the direction and storyline practiced what it preached. It was honest, simple and focused, without any sort of rambling interruptions to increase the run time; yet so potent.

There might be few aspects about the drama to criticize upon; but the transparent, clean and pure efforts undermined the flaws carried. Whole of the series was indeed purposeful: all dialogues, gestures, character’s attitude, relationship’s fate, and so forth delivered meaningful and unforgettable messages in sneaky way.

kashaf in last episode 26 zindagi gulzar haiIn last episode, the last scene of inner dialoging of Kashaf and Zaroon, spiced up with Ali Zafar’s song makes eyes wet with happiness. What I perceived from the Kashaf’s confrontation about life:

God has planned destiny for all of us. We just need to give honest efforts and make our self adaptable and stay happy when the twists in life occur. If we accept this as a natural progression, another phase of life, life turns out to be a bed of roses.

zaroon last episode 26 zindagi gulzar haiDifficult to practice but seems to be worthwhile. I would love to know what you could comprehend.  How much calculated did every aspect of drama seemed to you.

I cannot conclude without recalling the lyrics “Zindagi jis ke muqadar me ho khushiyan teri Usko aata hai nibhana so nibhate guzri……“.

I am not certain about what the lyrics actually mean but are certainly heartfelt.

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