Zindagi Gulzar Hai (1)

What to say?

It may seem I am running behind time to write about the show. But it’s a long overdue appreciation and sincere acknowledgement for the show. I don’t know whether my words will be able to justify the praise it deserves.

When the show was about to get aired on channel Zindagi in India, I always used to avoid the pesky survey phone calls from Zindagi Telemarketers being reluctant to watch Pakistani Drama. But, the title of the show ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ conveying life is a bed of roses and the title song by Ali Zafar, strongly elucidating the caption, incited me to look forward to it. The show is based on the first novel written by Umera Ahmad,a prolific writer, produced by Momina Duraid and directed by Sultana Siddiqui. As I saw in an interview, Sultana Siddiqui left directing long back and this show was her comeback as a director after 11 years. Hat’s off to the lady, how she maintained to start off the show with a bang and kept it going that way.

The USP of the show was its closeness to reality; nothing seemed to be hyped to me. It was a picture perfect show spiced up with the Fawad Khan’s and Sanam Saeed’s charisma. While watching it, it feels like it is a story of some close acquaintance living next door.

The dialogues though seem to be a part of day-to-day conversation; still efficiently communicate the depth of the emotion and personality carried by the speaker. Each dialogue; be its inner or outer, expressing humor, affection, respect, infatuation, rage, grief, guilt and so forth rang true without abandoning the traditional boundaries of decorum. Adding the zest to the impeccably placed dialogues, show successfully depicted the entire range of human emotions. The ambience depicted at the two respective homes, the university and the aisles were coherent and convincing enough to be real. Kudos to the crisp cinematography, screenplay, crew members and make-up artists, for categorically capturing each emotion in such a prudent manner. Citing the background score, an authentic and subdued music used just when needful.

tum kehti ho song clippingSongs– I become completely inarticulate when I listen to them: music, lyrics and vocals thrivingly communicate the feelings and wisdom of singer to the listeners soul. Great respect to lyricist Naseer Turabi, music composer Shani Haider and singers Ali Zafar and Hadiqa Kiani for creating title tracks: Zindagi Gulzar hai and ‘Zindagi Khak na thi – simply beautiful, enthralling, heart touching, and taking us to other world. Over and above, for blowing the listener’s mind about the aspect of life in life. Also, credits for acquainting us with the beautiful track ‘Tum kehti ho by Junaid Jamshed: applauds for him for creating such a prepossing song.

When the show ended I got overwhelmed by grief as I craved to watch more and more of the show; yet also with gratitude as how positively it touched my life and thoughts. To quench my thirst for it, I watch it time and again. If you have not followed the show or perceived it as a typical show, I would like to request you to prioritize it in your to be watched list. For me, it’s the best drama seen till date.

I am feeling short of words to justify the appreciation that the cast, storyline and direction of the drama deserves, will express it soon.

7 thoughts on “Zindagi Gulzar Hai (1)”

  1. Hello Priyal,

    Never knew you had such a beautiful writer hidden inside! Glad to have heard about you and to have come across this new place of yours. Reading your blog, I again felt like watching Zindagi Gulzar hai..:)
    It takes courage to express your thoughts and I personally believe it gives clarity and direction too.
    I really hope and wish that all your dreams come true and when things are still cooking, faith and love keeps this journey of yours like a bed of roses. 🙂
    PS it would be really great to hear from you..:) Looking forward to a chat again!
    Lots of love
    esp to the adorable darling


    1. Hello Avani,

      I am also glad that you visited the blog and read the posts and found it beautiful. And also that you felt an urge to watch the show again.🙂
      Really, thanks for all your pleasant and pure wishes and love, and also for sharing your view. Hope to hear more of your reflections on the blog posts, I do remember how much thoughtful stuff used to interest you.
      I am also looking forward to chat with you. Will contact you.

      Lots of best wishes and love,

  2. Can’t agree more..beautiful show. Like peace amidst clamour..and with fawad its like icing on the cake 🙂 🙂

  3. Was not able to watch till now. But after reading the appreciation from specifically you who I know is not much into watching drama , will sure give it a try 😊

    1. Hey Soumya,

      It would surely be a watching pleasure. Would love to hear your experience soon.


      1. Hi Priyal di,
        Glad to hear from you after a long time.. and nice to know you are a mother now.
        Best wishes for you and your family..hope to catch up with you sometime… 🙂
        I have watched this show and yes it’s the best drama I have seen. After watching this I made my mom also see this. Many a times I find myself singing the songs of this show.. a must watch for someone who has not till now..

        1. Hello Ritika,

          Thanks for the lovely wishes, will definately catch up sometime, it’s been awhile. Hope you are doing well. 🙂
          Yep this is a drama I also recommend everyone to watch. Totally agreeable, it is indeed a must watch show for everyone.
          Be in touch. Its nice to hear from you always.

          Lots of Blessings and love,

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