Your thoughts create your world – reflection upon its validity

Recently in a competition, I came across this as one of the topics to write on. At that moment I lacked both the clarity and time required to experiment and delve into such a broad topic. But I decided to analyze and write about this topic sometime later as it seemed to me a valuable revelation ‘Whether we have the power to control the world around us or not ?’.

As I began using my head around it, I could recall a few words that I read aimlessly in a middle school moral science textbook ‘Watch your thoughts for they become your words; watch your words for they become your actions; watch your actions for they become your habits; watch your habits for they become your character; watch your character for it becomes your destiny.’ I wish either I hadn’t read them or not as casually as I did. I am not sure whether at that age I possessed the requisite understanding or, more precisely, astuteness or not. But at least they could have tried to explain.

And maybe if they were so sure that I won’t be able to get the hang of it, why didn’t they choose to include it multiple times in the coursework?

Even if just once, then why not at a much mature age rather than a tender age?

Or, why didn’t I carefully cultivate efforts to go into the depth of it? 🙄

Now, I had two alternatives, first, to switch on the blame mode, not analyze the very thought and move on with life, meanwhile losing a chance to know what is my role in my destiny.

And the second one to stop blaming and regretting and start analyzing the very thought without wasting time now and making the needful changes. Would this have been easy ? No, but definitely not only better but also healthier among the two options; because the act of blaming others or situations and not making any change ourselves in the end never pays off.  But still, I paused a moment to question – Is the idea ‘your thoughts create your world’ reasonably significant for a consideration? What if we accept it or, per se, believe it ? It would mean monitoring our thoughts, being aware that everything around us is our creation and so the power lies in our hands. And what if we reject it ? That means accepting that the power doesn’t lie with us and we don’t have control over our life and it goes on anyway. Which kind of life seems to be worth living ? Unquestionably, the one in which we have the control.  Isn’t it what we all yearn for? 

So, I opted for the second alternative as if the idea ‘your thoughts create your world’ holds true, it’s giving the life with control. You see how a single thought of choosing to validate a statement appears to be contributing towards writing the destiny.

First and foremost, in order to validate it, I made up mind to reflect upon my life’s journey by weaving in flashbacks into my past thoughts as a child and determining whether my present life aligns with them. I also used ample time and efforts, as far as I could, to ruminate on life of few close-by people, those whose thoughts and life’s perspective I was well acquainted with. To be honest, it took a deep contemplation of around two months or more to have a point of view that could be shared: I realized that yes the statement definitely does hold true to a large extent. Or, maybe even wholly but as it takes a lot of time and effort to go deep inside you, so I am still in the process and hence, cannot assert that for the time being but undeniably to a very large extent; that’s as sure as shooting.

Also, it made me realize: No matter however certain we are about having complete knowledge about ourselves, we actually don’t know ourselves. Whatever knowledge we have about the self is very limited and superficial, that too it could be what we perceive through the eyes of the people around i.e. how others view us. Similarly, most of the people around us are no different from us; they also don’t know who they actually are, why they are doing what they are doing, what they want, etc.

Hence, majority of us are somewhere unsatisfied, unhappy about what life has offered us and are often complaining that though we made efforts still we have not got what we wanted. Thereby, we can effortlessly sense growing discontentment and unrest in the entire world making it a difficult place to survive.

But the truth is we all get who we are, it’s different that we don’t enjoy or accept it as we actually don’t know ourselves, sadly we don’t even know what defines us. 

Moreover, we all have become victims of whimsical desires. If what I yearned for yesterday is not what I want today, and what I need today won’t be what I will yearn for tomorrow, how will I ever get what I wanted? 

I guess just the desires we had as a child were our own ; rest are mostly influenced due to public opinion, family pressure, social pressure, peer pressure, acquired status, insecurities, etc. Not only this, I think actually the naive, simple, unsophisticated, harmless, unmindful, unschooled, genuine piece of life we were as a child were we ourselves.

Just the way to know someone else we need to spend time with them otherwise how we perceive someone is merely based on false assumptions or judgments. In similar way, to know ourselves we need to take out time for ourselves otherwise it’s all false judgments and assumptions. And as Isaac Asimov said Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.”, so we need to sit with ourselves to scrub the assumptions not only to realize the self but also to keep track of our wants and desires. Seriously when we start meditating we often realize how unreasonable our wants are and how rude we are being to ourselves, our life and also to people whom we claim we love and live for.

No matter how many people came on this planet and asked us to mediate we thought ‘We are okay without it. We know ourselves well, so we don’t need to waste our time for this. There are so many lovely things to spend time on rather than this. Because nobody in our childhood explicitly taught us that we need time for ourselves and also we never saw people around taking out time for themselves or asking us to do so. We just heard of few people mediating while residing in faraway mountains or few nearby people in later stages of their life and learnt that mediation is something to be done after retiring from all the duties.

In an earlier post also I emphasized about finding me-time. I would like to emphasize that again – If even now you think me-time is something to be taken out when you get old and you are okay without it. It’s time to think upon: Are we really okay with the okay we have – the health, the wealth, the mind, the relationships…..the life?

Or, modifying the definition of okay still seems okay to us?

Not to forget; the choices made in the present determine the future.

To be continued….

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4 thoughts on “Your thoughts create your world – reflection upon its validity”

  1. Thank you so much Priyal for sharing such a wonderful thought. It is so true especially in today’s circumstances to have a me time or doing meditation. I find myself fortunate enough because of getting the opportunity to start mindfulness practice when I was in high school. And still able to continue it. It really helps to analyse the path of life as well as one’s daily actions. I felt wonderful after reading your blog.😊

    1. Thank you so much Monika for your extremely pleasant and generous words. Indeed I am grateful to you.🙂
      Not just for such a lovely remark but over and above for taking out time and putting efforts to share your feelings and experience on this post and few earlier posts too. I am putting my feelings and experience here just with a hope that we never know when our life experiences and words can touch someone’s heart and help somebody in time of need. So, I am truly thankful to you for your companionship in that.🙂
      Also, good to hear that you got the opportunity to learn mindfulness and you are still able to continue that. I think mindfulness of even one person not only saves the person himself but also many more whom he interacts with and so you don’t know how many lives you are contributing too. Keep going.
      Thanks again.

      Best wishes and Regards,

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