What is True Love? (3) – Why unadulterated over adulterated?

Resuming the last post: As I mentioned, the thought about learning what and how aspects of ‘Love’ never entered our minds, as the subject was never brought up because ‘love’ has always been considered an innate value of every human being. But, when we open our eyes to what is going around us in order to face the truth, we realize that in the process of climbing the ladder of life rapidly and openly; the pure, affectionate, warm energy we had once has been left far behind. And, now no matter whoever we blame for not safeguarding the natural, refined, warm energy in us, it won’t come back until we do something for it. Henceforth, although nowadays we not only assert but also believe that love is our heartfelt emotion, but mistakenly or carelessly, whatever we call it, we have actually started loving from our abruptly and absurdly influenced mind.

Even greater tragedy is that, we consider our flipping over from a purposeless way of loving to a purposeful way of loving as a favorable move, when in reality besides causing devastating effect to our homes, society and world as a whole, it has also lead to terrible self-torture.

It has, right?

We cannot deny it. Love is often more distressing, both mentally and physically, rather than being healing and comforting.

And it’s quite justifiable too: just the way by operating newly bought domestic appliances, smartphones or other tech products without browsing their instruction manual, many times we not just affect their performance and increase the chances of break down before the estimated lifespan, but we also risk negative consequences of a reckless misuse due to mere negligence. On similar lines, by beginning to use the innate ability to love without learning about it, we have actually landed up misusing it instead.

However, besides there exist two major potential disparities: First, in the latter case, unfortunately we being the appliance ourselves, we can say that we have made an unforgivable misuse of self–a faulty appliance can be easily replaced or repaired but faulty human cannot. Thus, ending up risking not only our life but also lives around; just like it’s risky to be around a faulty appliance as it can burst anytime, likewise we have become unsafe to be around due to high chances of an unethical response anytime. And such widespread misuse of humanity, in turn, has lead to appalling implications and magnified disaster around the globe. Second, the latter not being a willful negligence we are not able to accept its culpability easily and consequently its consequences, impeding even the contemplation for a positive transition. But we cannot deny the fact that mistake is a mistake, whether it’s deliberate or not and there is culpability, and accepting the culpability instead of escaping from it always helps to recognize the opportunity that lies ahead.

This all suggests how strongly does lack of decent education correlates with misuse, and thereupon to self-injury and affliction. That may be one of the reasons why- Though so many unschooled people can decently qualify for software jobs, due to rapidly raising access to computer technology, yet they are not given due consideration. Even though pharmacists can wisely advice medications for certain illnesses but still we prefer to visit a doctor instead. Because proper learning and best practices matter for right kind of results.

Which brings up the point: It does really matter what kind of love – adulterated or unadulterated- one learns and exercises.

Well, while the prior mentioned critical reasoning does clearly indicate that love mannerisms certainly do carry weight but your mind might still question: Adulterated seems to be reasonably okay and mutually beneficial. Also, we have been psychologically and physiologically addicted to it and it appears to be working fine. How can it cause pain? What is the underlying problem?

Just think upon: On one hand, we are not brave enough to purchase clothes and other household products that we use seldom, without any trials and background knowledge. While, on other hand we are so brave that we are using consistently and naturally, an intangible trait called ‘Love’, without any technical know-how.

Is it just because the latter object has no price tag attached; we tend to take it for granted?

But I guess, just the way we have the tendency to cautiously use the demo mobile phones or other display products available in the market; being aware that any misstep on someone else’s possession might surprise us with an enormous cost anytime.

Likewise, I think it’s time for us to consider ‘Love’ as a valuable God’s gift rather than our own asset and take time to understand it properly before moving forward in the journey of life; as everything has a price-tag attached to it, at times it’s hidden. 

So, What do you say – Adulterated or Unadulterated ? 🙂

Umm, I think you need some more time to think.

No problem. I need it as well to compose a yet another post😀

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