What is True Love? (4) – What goes around comes around

Continuing from last post, as the source of difficulty still remains the same: Using something without any know-how, without any trials. Thus, not wasting much time, precisely stating, what I have experienced and learnt about love: Love is basically energy. Love that exists between two entities, may be a living and another living or a living and another non-living, is nothing more than the energy exchange between them. As we all know the universal law ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’. So, as much energy we throw in the universe is the amount of energy we get back.  Hence, as much love and of whatever purity we give in the universe, we get that back. If we throw more, we feel more energized. If we throw pure and positive, we get pure and positive. If we throw impure and negative, we get impure and negative. So it’s all upon us.

Just the way, the level of warmth and hospitality we provide to our guests is way we can expect to be treated back. On similar lines, the kind of love we have in our hearts is the kind we can offer to people around and it is the kind we can expect to get in return. If we can comprehend the kind of love we receive, why can’t anyone else?

Although in the last post I pointed out quite analytically: why unadulterated love should be chosen over adulterated. But still, while raising smart and advanced kids, we have been successfully trained to always offer ourselves a brief and considerate pause in order to opt the move yielding a handsome profit,  I think a lot of people may wonder: what would I get by exercising unadulterated love, what would be the advantage? Would it be worth the expenses? How would it impact the world, society and most importantly me – my mental and physical well-being, wealth, relationships and overall life? In what way does it matter if I throw adulterated energy in the form of love and get adulterated?

Don’t despair; I have an answer for this. And may be after reading that, you might consider taking a much needed respite to think upon: Whether we have been raised smart or left dumb? Whether by adulterated love we truly gained or aggravated our suffering?

Hence, moving on with the answer: Have you ever come across few people who seem to be highly energized consistently and still happy, healthy and content, no matter what life throws at them? And they have left you confused and curious?

Let me uncover the secret of the perpetual energy: Basically, it is this principle that works on them -They give out pure and positive energy to everything, every task and everyone around; hence they get pure and positive in return. Thereafter, they get power to throw more again, and in return they get more and the cycle goes on.

In case you have not ran across even one such individual, have you experienced that if two people prepare exactly similar tasting, equally delectable dish for you, you are able to discern the one prepared with higher enthusiasm and pure love?  If yes, then let me tell you that while you relish eating the more enthusiastically prepared dish mutely feeling gratitude, you unconsciously radiate good wishes and pure and positive love to the one who prepared that and they get more positive energy to throw around.

Even if not that, have you noticed that to some people we say we love more? But it’s just the way of saying, quantity of love is never more or less it is the quality of love that we share with them. In their presence, we feel more content, more secure, and happy and hence we feel we love them more. As they help us to bring out the best in us by giving us positive energy to perform well; in their company we unconsciously radiate good wishes and pure and positive love to them making them more powerful.

Not getting caught up into the details, but still trying to make a touch on a relatable concern: It is only due to such aforementioned comfort level experiences that we have actually started loving only those who make us feel contented and energized. And slowly as our relationships became largely dependent on this mutual comfort level which quite possibly cannot sustain steadily and eternally, – because the ever changing nature of the journey called ‘life’ has the immense capability to bring abundant changes in an individual’s attitude, priorities and mindset as well as materialistic possessions– making us often distressed, not willing and capable enough to give in, further impairing the relationship, making it fragile and thus ruining both the involved as well as close-knit lives.

Lastly, you cannot deny that doing good makes us feel good, maybe successfully accomplishing a task or giving someone a helping hand or maybe just sharing a smile,  thus empowers us, while something bad, maybe a failure or hurting somebody or an immoral act, makes us feel low, thus discourages us.

Moving ahead, let us briefly consider how unadulterated would be beneficial for our society and the world.

It is obvious that when we love somebody purely we give them the power or we can say that, in today’s world we make them acquaint with pure love and inspire them to love someone that way and they in turn can help somebody, thus spreading purity and positivity in the community and indirectly receiving good wishes and the energy to move ahead. But when we choose adulterated love, we contribute to increase negativity in the atmosphere. Hence, neither do we feel good nor does any energy gets back to keep us charged.

While this all clearly rationalizes that the pure energy thrown always pays off and the positivity received consequently acts as a gateway to prosperity that further strengthens us to put in more efforts; thereby lucidly and rationally clarifying how unadulterated love helps us and our relationships, our society and the world. Still, I do have a yet another reasoning, strong enough to help you to seal the deal.

You would have heard the age-old quoteWhere attention goes the energy flows. Have you?

What I meant to say by stating it here is: If our attention would go towards adulterated love, stating concisely towards the give and take aspect in any relationship or towards the adulterated love being practiced in the society even if critically, we would eventually land up using adulterated and getting adulterated in return. But if our attention would go towards unadulterated love, the pure energy exchange aspect, we would land up giving unadulterated and sooner or later getting unadulterated thereupon.

While ending the answer, putting forth the hackneyed quotePractice makes a man perfect‘ I would like to beware you about beginning to water the seemingly wise thought of practicing both adulterated and unadulterated love as per requirement, relationship and rapport because while practicing adulterated love in most of the relationship we have actually landed up practicing adulterated even with God. Isn’t?  And hence, I can just say that in the act of saving us from remaining dumb and docile, we have actually been made over-smart and as excess of everything is harmful, we have been befooled completely.

Thus, I think that unadulterated love is the healthy, wealthy and wise choice doubtlessly and in order to save ourselves and this world, we really need to put efforts to move love from the over intimate, passionate emotional connection to pure exchange of goodwill in order to expand its boundaries both quantitatively and qualitatively to truly enlighten the spark of God’s love or soul to soul love. Hence, on this note I would like to restate what love is. Love as I learnt after experiencing God’s love is actually an art of giving. Or, I can say ‘a forgotten art of giving’. I used the word ‘forgotten’ because we truly need to unlearn and relearn it and I used the word ‘art’ because firstly like any other art it needs to be learned; secondly like any other art it has it’s what, when and how aspects of giving.

So, the question comes – Are you ready to get the right energy by throwing the right energy? Are you ready to be the all energized, all lovable, the peace radiator, the happy charm?🙂

Then, stay tuned to know how this is possible as everything needs efforts.

But, I think when it’s worth the cost; we don’t mind spending, right?😀

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