My First Valentine

On this special occasion, I want to thank you-

For all the things I learned till day,
For all the ways you made me laugh and play. 
For all the field-trips you drove me to,
For all the art-work you made me do.
For all the ‘sweet snack’ and ‘more cheese’ I ate,
For which at home I could just advocate.
For all the ‘circle time’ churnings,
And ‘show and tell’ learnings.
For bearing all the naptime troubles,
And helping me put together pieces of puzzles.
For all the new toys I enjoyed at school,
And explaining the ‘Jenga’ rule.
For letting me know that red, blue and yellow are primary,
And orange, green and violet are secondary.
For all the screams you heard so far, 
And helping me make rainbow in a jar.
For showing me how to draw a circle, 
And that blue and red make a purple.
For the sandbox and rainy run;
And the ‘line leader’ and ‘door holder’ fun.
For all the times you helped me through, 
In all the sketches I couldn’t drew.
For the cool way of putting the jacket on the floor, 
And getting it wore.
For all your wise advice on my silly fights, 
When I couldn’t be that nice.
For telling me that it is the liquid that we drink, 
And it is red and white that make a pink.
For teaching me that it is the solid that we eat, 
And it is always nice to greet.
For explaining me that it is the gas that we breathe in, 
And of all the planets it is the earth that we live in.
For all ‘Good job buddy’, ‘Wash your hands’, ‘No more shouting’, ‘Are you okay?’ you said, 
Letting me know that it is with discipline that life is to be led.

Are you wondering teacher- ‘How my mommy wrote all this?’,
‘How does she know all this?’.
Because after I get back home, it’s you whom I become,
Telling mommy, daddy and people around – what is decorum.
Making you the teacher of not just one; but anyone and everyone 🙂.

Years later, I wish I could fly high,
As I tell my mom I want to see what lies beyond the sky.
But you my teacher would always be held faster,
As the first ABC’s of life are the ones most difficult to master.
Even if, not by me; for sure, by my mommy🙂.

Teacher, I do not know what love is 😐, 
But my mommy says this is how love is 🙄.
When you do not know ‘what love is’; then and there love is 🙂.

So before the time flies by 😕,
And the moment comes to say school bye-bye 😥.
I want to thank you for your precious time 😀,
making my world rhyme and being my first valentine 🙂.
As I will grow, maybe I will have many more valentine; but none would be as precious as the first time. 🙂🙂 😮😮

These are the few words, I wrote for my daughter’s first teacher. After that as I recalled my childhood days and my teachers, I thought our first valentines’ are actually our teachers and so I just thought of dedicating this to all the teachers. Few people in life whom we truly love are rarely recalled; as the truth is that their impressions are so deeply preserved by our heart that the mind doesn’t worry. 😀

2 thoughts on “My First Valentine”

  1. Truly very nice words …. It reminded me the school days of mine …. N even my role is also well explained as now I m the teacher..Ur words made me fell happy n proud to be a teacher.

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