Maturity is finding the ‘me time’

you are more important than you realize

Since childhood, I stumbled across too many definitions of maturity such as the state or fact or period of being mature i.e. fully developed. Yet, I never, ever considered scrutinizing any of its variant. I often concede that giving birth to a child was jubilating, it is an intuitive feeling. The other day I sat back and gave this feeling a consideration. To be honest, the cerebration turned out to be celebration. The answer, I got after pondering much was that after childbearing, I started taking out time to be with myself. Prior to that, I had time for anything but me, I was so busy that I didn’t even have inkling that I essentially need time for myself. Still I agree that I use to enjoy my life and its phases. However, now it’s no longer a matter of happiness, its bliss. By realizing the worth of ‘me time’, I have actually started realizing the worth of my ambiance.

You might have implicated that I have started stealing time for embracing my hobbies, and your mind would be reacting, so what’s the big deal about that. Or, you may be wondering that I have started taking life too seriously. I would acknowledge that I am actually trying to take life sincerely. Though we often oversee the subtle; yet, colossal difference between the two words: serious and sincere. But the day we start to comprehend the distinction that exists between them and start being sincere; we will become more responsible human-being. It will lead to: more balanced approach towards life, more stability both mentally and physically, thereby more commensurate results for our efforts and ultimately more happiness.

Initially these questions are to be asked for every mundane pursuit: be it driving vehicle, exercising, walking, talking, cooking, working, and then, gradually for anything and everything.

For instance, supposedly there are two people preparing tea for themselves at their respective home after getting up in the morning. Both use identical ingredients; yet, Mr. X feels delighted, sipping his palatable tea; on the contrary, Mr. Y irks, sipping his unpalatable tea. Entering the workplace an hour later, they stumbled across each other while pacing the hallways. Mr. Y makes a call for tea to Mr. X. Mr. X accompanies him but refuses to consume tea with a gentle demeanor, responding he already had a delectable tea. Such a cordial gesture of Mr. X, exacerbates Mr. Y’s problem. He begins tormenting himself by presuming that Mr. X is born with a silver spoon. If he had been mature, he might have admitted his culpability of being awake but still unconscious and drowsy while preparing the tea. He would have understood that involuntary effort is tantamount to being ill-fated. Consequently, he might have learnt to stay calmly vigilant for his future endeavors.

maturity in life is making the me-time

The parochialism of the above anecdote cannot dwarf its intend: the prompt aftermath of his/her efforts is reasonably comprehensible to anyone giving even a bare consideration. Yet, in the course of life, the often far-flung outcome of inputs may seem to be unjustified and sneaky. If you are engrossed in reading, you might have instantiated the usage of plural noun for inputs and singular for outcome. I would leave on you to give a consideration on such a usage.

Most of us genuinely don’t take out what I am referring to as me time. Likewise, a majority of us perform their almost all quotidian task in the most perfunctory way possible, as if, we are hosting an animated daily procession. If seldom we perform some task and something went wrong, we are still able to admit the culpability; however, for mundane activities, as performed over and over, we believe to have acquired consummate skills. As a result, each effort done for routine task is justified as done in an undefiled manner. Thus, when the coveted outcome is not attained, we victimize ourselves as hapless and retreat morosely.

yield to maturity
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Ultimately, the best way to feel satiate and happier is to take out ‘me time’. Still, many people may provide oneself an alibi of time-restraint and not possessing dexterity to do a retrospection of one’s attitude. Do not despair. The important factor to consider is we don’t require any extra time or special ability for this, even a layman can do it. We can do it while performing some daily routine, such as walking, riding to home or office, waiting at traffic signal or otherwise, workout, cooking or cleaning at home. To sum up, at those moments of life when we pass the time by using mobile devices for social media apps, chatting, reading news updates or listening to music. Take a step forward towards a successful and happy life by utilizing the valuable time, a rare resource, for knowing what is going on in your own world before wasting it to know about someone else’s world or the universe as a whole.

As quoted by Muhammad Ali “The man who views the world the same at 50 as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.

Yield to maturity. If you won’t, who else will for you? 

Please do share in the comment box below – What do you think about taking out ‘me time’? And also share the information and post with your friends and family and help them to bring a needful difference in life.

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