Is Life really a Competition? (2) – A furtive and dangerous battle

This is the second part of on how subtle the competition and how fierce the competitors have turned out. Before reading on you might like to read about competitive arena and regulations of the race of ‘Life’ here.

Competition of Life – a furtive and dangerous battle

Competitive spirit as a motivator seems to be deeply entrenched in our society for years. But the terrible irony is that competitive spirit – the power source of life that drives innovation and technology – has started to handicap the humankind, not only physically but also mentally.

Undoubtedly, life is steadily becoming more comfortable; but the bitter truth is also that the health and well being of people are getting affected.

Uprooting competitive spirit has become a challenging task; as it has overpowered our minds and thereby mostly our actions are driven by impalpable pulse to compete. And it certainly won’t be a matter to startle and awe about, if in near future one of the tech giant designs an app like Google Maps for navigating the career ladder efficiently and future generations blindly follow it to climb up. Just imagine where the world is heading. But the crucial point is, then too, followers will always be the followers and leaders will be the creators. And creativity exists in a healthy mind in a healthy body.

During school days, in education and sports, to build our personality we were exposed to healthy competition; but, eventually to fulfill our commitments we involuntarily crossed the vague line that existed between the healthy and unhealthy. We didn’t even stop to consider the facts – education was for learning, sports for fun but life is for living. More than that, both at work and home, earlier we used to be someone’s responsibility, but now we are responsible for our family and our work – and effortlessly got overly fixated on another human’s action and fate, more than ours.

Nowadays, Young people are not interested in what they have; but in what they don’t have and others have.

Don't let your food get cold worrying about what's on my plate

Everyone wants to: buy the pricey cell phone, plan lavish holiday, gift extravagant gadgets, and so forth, the usage doesn’t matter. Everybody aims to either join or build a multinational corporation, work doesn’t matter.

When people feel defeated, other’s success depresses and saddens them more than their own failure; thus, pitfalls are overseen.

This sense of competition may exist between a brother and sister, friend and a friend, parent and a child, husband and wife or in any relationship. It is not even considered worthy enough to mind or judge about, as it has become universal and happens effortlessly. Utilization of time and money is considered the rationale for it.

Really, were all our hardships and restraint time for the family was destined for a life controlled by others choice?

Competitors have become so fierce that if two strangers, especially age-mates, cross path, they involuntarily start comparing each other and also their belongings: education, job designation, company, status, cell phone, car, laptop, attire, etc. Comparison swiftly goes beyond materialistic lifestyle choices to relationships, and they start comparing their spouse, kid, etc. Sometimes, the mental synthesis and analysis further starts to apprehend facts about the dwelling, work place of the other person.

Isn’t this line of thought fruitless and depletion of time and energy?

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Humans are not only striving for acquired wealth but also for behavioral aspects. For instance, unavailability and hectic schedule have become a norm to gain respect and deference in society. Hence, everyone tries to prove themselves busy. If someone gets leisure time often, instead of relishing it, person becomes dubious about his or her lifestyle. On second thought actually, those who lack time off, need to work on their efficiency and schedule, as busiest men have the most leisure and idle people have the least leisure. Likewise, everyone craves to be center of attention and hence everybody’s habitual tendency is soliciting colleagues and relatives to consider ourselves as most troubled, most short-tempered and terribly surrounded by issues related to work, marriage and children, etc.

At times, competitive spirit serves to discourage us to attempt a task with rationale that if other person couldn’t undertake it, we cannot. Isn’t it naive ignorance of our own competence and self-esteem?

Other times for an unsuccessful attempt, we shrewdly use it as an alibi that the competition was tough or I was not a part of a race.

Another quest with spurious results is the war for ‘100 likes’ on social media. Why we feel captivated about posting and getting admiration in the form of ‘likes’? Why do the insincere ‘likes’ matter so much?

I'm busy saving the world thought
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Aforementioned competitions are not enforced; we somehow involuntarily committed to strain our body and mind for a paranoid delusion, Life a Competition. Nonetheless, we aim to lead the world without being leader of our own life.

The darkest, creepiest truth is somewhere beneath our heart we are aware of the consequences; still we are not ready to put an end to it. We all are putting brave face to it – some say it adds thrill to life, some say life would be boring if not competitive and few others feel paralyzed. And few others not even accept that they are competing. What an irony it is stating that equilibrium is not fun and still brutally battling, risking life, to achieve it.

Don’t you think it’s high time we restore our equilibrium and sanity?

Have you ever thought upon – How we got involved in such a vicious circle of jealousy, judgments, comparisons, competitions helplessly? What is the cost we are paying to stay there?

If not, how about doing it now and sharing it in the comment box below. I will get back with a retrospective contemplation in the due course.

Please do remember, ‘It is never too late to become your own boss.’

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4 thoughts on “Is Life really a Competition? (2) – A furtive and dangerous battle”

  1. A Great Blog. A truth about life, which everyone is living and you gave such a beautiful insight about it.

    Love to read your blogs. Keep writing!

    1. Hello Arpita,

      Thanks for visiting the blog, reading and commenting. And thank you so much for your pleasant words and lovely insight about the blog.🙂
      Nice to hear from you.Will surely continue to write.

      Best wishes and love,

  2. Competition has turned to be a battle now a days.Ego,self respect and dignity have over ruled the definition of actual success.The number of jealous people have exceeded the smiling faces after victory.While some are striving hard to win,many are trying to be an obstacle in the way.In simple words,competition is a now a race to make someone loose rather than finding a victory for ourselves!

    1. Thanks for reading, giving it a thought and commenting. Although it is disheartening, but absolutely agreeable that sometimes the ego overpowers so much that someone’s failure matters more than our own victory.

      Best wishes and regards,

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