Is Life really a Competition? (1)

Distressed of racing and listening the hackneyed phrases such as ‘it’s a competitive world’, ‘it’s about survival of the fittest’; how about taking a brief respite from the never-ending 24/7 grind.

Is life really a competition?

A sixty-four-thousand-dollar question, before resolving it, let me introduce you to ‘Life’ and ‘Competition’ and consider the question a bit.

As I googled what is Life, the answer came as ‘the period between the birth and death of a living thing, especially a human being.’

And for Competition, the answer came as ‘an event or contest in which people compete.’

Do you remember how majority of us back in high school use to analyze the competition before deciding to compete. And how about remaining others, just competing due to family and peer pressure, do they used to win? Don’t you think the winners used to be intensely passionate, referred to as having competitive spirit?

But have you ever thought about scrutinizing the competition of Life?

As life challenges trumped the curiosity; today unfortunately, subconsciously or consciously, the majority of us are competing due to peer pressure. We are no longer the drivers of our own mind.

If not even in scaled down events, then how can such people win in super-colossal race of life? Also as people became seasoned enough to gloss over their passion and feelings, we began to accept that winners don’t sweat blood and tears, and cite them as blessed.

It’s still not too late, let us stop our car now and take up the driver’s seat, fasten the belt and firstly examine the rules and track of race of life, created by humans, before heading forward:

  • What is the duration of race of life? May be 60 or 70 years depending on life expectancy of individual. Can someone run for indefinite time period?
  • What is the minimum criterion to be a participant? No, minimum criterion. Just being born is enough. Sounds great!
  • How many competitors? All the human kind. Tight competition.
  • What is the area of Competition? The Universe. Boundless!
  • What is the prize at the end of the race? Death. Sounds unpleasant.
  • What is the criterion of winning? To bequeath more wealth, more plush assets, more recognition and so forth.
  • What is the risk factor i.e. what we lose if we don’t win? Our and our family’s happiness and health, and may be early death.
  • What are the competitive strategies? Sleeping less, not eating properly, always rushing and so forth.
  • What is the first aid plan? Accumulating money and succumbing to workout, yoga, meditation classes and medical facilities after the body and mind weakens. Thank God, we speculated about it.
  • How are we while competing? Stressful, fearful, enraged, sullen, etc.
learning-schooling-life a competition
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In childhood, to spur ourselves on to get over the anxiety of falling, we used to refer competition as ‘a learning experience’: In sports, it was about having fun and building team spirit while in examination about boosting the confidence and knowledge.

What about learning experience in the competition of life?

Is it that down the line we became far more resilient and tough that we don’t require any motivation to face the largest struggle.

But ironically, there exists no usage of learning experience at the end of life, as life cannot be relived. Running away from this fact drops us with just regret at the end about not having one more chance to drive our own car.

Life is never ending
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After perusing the well-conceived regulations..

Does the competition seems worthy enough to participate?

Would you have considered participating if it hadn’t entitled ‘Life’?

If not, then why does it matter so much with just the label ‘life’?

The constant bombardment of questions might not have given you much time for mulling over, take your time to reflect upon and share your views in the comment box below.

And let us meet again soon to discuss how subtle the competition and how fierce the competitors have turned out…

One life, one chance. Either use it for yourself, or lose it for others.

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9 thoughts on “Is Life really a Competition? (1)”

  1. well..this is what I remind myself quite often: if it’s at the cost of your peace of mind, it’s not worth it! I think it is great to be passionate towards a goal as far as it makes one happy. Once it starts to become a necessity or obligation, it’s time to reconsider decisions. We should rather work on staying happy while we do what we do, and if that’s not possible, then quit. This fear of quitting it all, can actually drive your happiness!! 🙂 Nice post.

    1. PS Those were just random thoughts that occurred to me as I read the post..could be a bit divergent. Competition is making a fool of oneself as it seems to me. We should do what we like, and try to be the best at it. If others are the same as well, there is no reason that it should hurt. 😉 I believe in abundance for all. Thanks Priyal, you get me thinking. 😛 😀

      1. It’s a pleasure Avani. Thought process keeps things moving in the right direction.😀
        You are absolutely right that we should be doing what we like but the truth is that the word ‘competition’ has overpowered everyone’s mind today.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Some days back I read about so many cases of suicides among young students and prominent reason was cut throat competition.. Race, competition, winner , loser etc have become new age jargon.. We need to revisit whole idea of learning and growing in life.. Hope this blog help people to understand this..

    1. Yep, ankita. It’s an issue of concern, would love to write about it sometime. And definitely we need to put efforts for the sake of future generations. We actually owe them this.I also hope the blog helps..


  3. once again amazingly written and expressed… and yes everything people doing these days is because of peer pressure i suppose… keep writing 👍🏼

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