Hey! I am back

Hey! I am back !!

Before I began I want to make an earnest request ‘Please don’t scroll down.

Most of the people are gonna scroll down now. Please go ahead 🙂

Hey, I know the post is long or too long. Long because of me 😛 and too long because of the font size and spacing provided by wordpress theme 😥 😥 .But I guess it’s quite reasonable after a span of around 6 months 😐 .

What happened is it had been months and I was dying to connect with you all, so I just thought of sharing few words with you and then I just got carried away but you are gonna have fun reading this. I swear!! 🙂 Come on, you owe me some extra reading time, reading is not that bad; I have not disturbed you since so long. 🙁

I thought of making such a request because when my husband had a look at this post the very first time on a word document. He was like “Are you gonna post this also in parts such as ‘hey I am back part 1’, ‘hey I am back part 2’, ‘hey I am back part 3’, etc. and scare people 😎 😎 ”.

And from outside I was like “ 😕 😕 👿 👿 ”. You know how clever men are with their witty remarks.

But to be honest from inside I was like “ hahaha 😆 😆 😆 ”. I loved this one and found it funny enough to share with you, if it could help me bring a smile on your face too. Please smile 🙂 . Smile gets you going and brightens your day too. 

I made you smile because I want you to be pleasantly present with me here. So, here I began

Sorry it’s been long and I couldn’t write anything….

You know how life gets tough at times…but I always try to be tougher 🙂 . I am just exaggerating 😉

I just got busy with some so-called recreation and life commitments.

I said so-called recreation because to be honest it was not a recreation for me. Recreation for me is what I am doing now…writing 😀

Am I confusing you? 🙄

You know what, I am a quiet a workaholic or a rather I should say a different kind of workaholic. Actually I am not a workaholic who is passionate about doing something specific. I am workaholic who is passionate about doing anything and everything that could add meaning to anyone’s life, mine or someone else’s or humanity in general. 🙂

To make it clear, I am not that much irritating to be around. Because I think I am workaholic in the sense that I love to be engaged in something always; but work to me could even mean cracking stupid jokes for hours, just innocent and silly enough to spread smile on my loved ones’ faces. I take it as a part of my job and cracking deadly, irritating, poor jokes has always been my favorite pastime 🙂 . Work to me could even mean spending time teasing someone unless it’s not hurting anyone’s emotions or dignity. I don’t even mind teasing my daughter but it seems life is changing; since few days I have noticed that my daughter has started teasing me; backfiring has just started 😐 , I need to become cautious now 😎 . Work to me could even mean going out with closed ones and having fun. I take it as a job 😛 . Actually going out of home itself is a kind of a task for me 😉

Sounds weird?? 🙄

Don’t over think. Please ignore, even I haven’t been able to understand that till date 😆

Work to me could even mean nagging someone to get a righteous job done. This has been one of my favorite job 😀 , people who have been around know it very well. Work to me could even mean preparing a dish for someone near and dear. Work to me could even mean spending around an hour cleaning a washroom, my mother hates me for this :mrgreen: . So, overall anything and everything which keeps my mind and body proactive and spreads positivity in the atmosphere 🙂 🙂 .

To keep it simple. I don’t like to sit idle. I have been one of whose kids who give their parents the wonderful opportunity of saying “Go get some rest” 🙂 , meanwhile giving their sibling a not so good opportunity to hear “See your brother or sister” 😛 .

But you know what, the real issue is neither do I like people nearby me sitting idle 😀 . My husband could be the best person to have a say on this. It’s been five and a half years of our marriage and I think he is dying to sit idle. But he cannot as it’s ingrained in the energy of the house; at our home, it’s like one cannot be plainly lazy 😆 . Of course, sick leaves are allowed hehe, but apart from that, being idle is equivalent to being asleep, you cannot sit idle 😛 .   And now I actually don’t even need to work on this … 🙂 . In fact, it’s been so deeply ingrained that my three and half year old daughter’s favorite song is “Jame raho” from the bollywood movie “Taare zameen par” hehe.. Just trying to add a little humor; surely it’s the song which is on her lips most of the time but she is small enough to understand and decide the favorite one. 🙂

You may think it’s good for me, but I think being engaged is good for everybody 🙂 . It saves you a tone!! (and saves your spouse a million tone 😛 ) . Let me tell you, while you are engaged you feel that it’s costing you a lot, but in reality not getting engaged can cost you something but being engaged constructively cannot ever. (Go deep, deep, deeper until you get what I am saying, otherwise I am there to explain anytime 😀 )

My husband says that I have the talent of not only getting the work done; I have the talent of creating the work to be done. He says even if we take the imaginary case, when all the jobs I have planned for our house have been accomplished. I can create new, not only one…many… haha. :mrgreen:

Whoa Whoa! I think now he has rightly understood me 😆 .

Is it good for me? Well I think while there are pros of your spouse understanding you better, I think there are cons too 😳 . Please don’t think of running away I am just putting a full-stop 🙂

So overall, I can say he has given up…hehe. Life is getting easy for me 😀 😀

Ummm…….. Jealous? I guess you are married. Unmarried people can’t even imagine how big the achievement is when your spouse gives in 😛 . Whether you got the joke or not, whether you are married or unmarried. Please do pray for me. I don’t want to get killed by my husband tonight. I have a daughter to be taken care of 😉 .

But to be honest, it has not been so easier to get to this point. I have worked really hard for this, especially on the nagging part for years, I already told you I take nagging very seriously. Joking apart, it’s nothing like anyone winning or losing I am always the supporter of win-win 🙂 🙂 .

But the point is now the ball is in my court so much that my husband himself doesn’t want me to sit idle. As he has well-understood that my sitting idle is equivalent to torture for him 😆 .Let me tell you how-

Firstly, whenever I sit idle I start analyzing our life and what changes I can make to improve it and then he is forced to work on that. And I think most of the people especially men hate changes in lifestyle and that too that are for betterment 😛 .

You see from where the matter for the blog comes in?? It’s my sitting idle… 😉 😉

I am hoping you are not the one thinking that it’s better for me to get a job instead… 😕 😕

And secondly, I don’t know how. But mine sitting totally idle, not even thinking is equivalent to yawning and making people around sleepy too. You know how yawning spreads. Seriously, I cannot help it’s quite automatically triggered. What happens is as soon as anybody around me asks me or forces me to sit idle or do something that I not interested in doing like watching a movie or listening to news or may be something else, my yawing starts and when the people around me start yawing, the closed ones those who are well-acquainted with this annoying habit of mine, they find it better to set me free to do what I want to do 🙂 . So, they can enjoy what they want to do instead of sleeping. Few of my bench partners and friends in school and college use to hate me for this and now my husband too 😛 .

But I don’t mind their hatred and I shouldn’t too :mrgreen: . While writing this, I am realizing it has actually been a savior for me always. While I have so many things in life for which I am grateful to god for. I think the ‘automatic yawning mode’ is also the one I ought to be grateful for 🙂 . In the school and college, you know how much teachers mind if you yawn while they are teaching and then they ask you to leave the class instead. So, it has saved me from attending few lectures that to especially of inorganic and organic chemistry without missing the attendance…. 😉 😉 .

So, what do you say, I should be really thankful…right? If I won’t be, it would be morally wrong… 😛 😛

While writing all this, I am realizing that in reality this is how I actually manage to do what I love to do 🙂 . Hey, I have shared a life hack with you. Next time anybody asks you to do something you are not interested in doing, do give yawning a try. If not automatic, you can give manual a try. They don’t know the hack. If it works, please don’t forget to share it here. Let others also enjoy 🙂 .

And please don’t forget to be thankful to me. It would be morally wrong if you will forget..haha…just kidding.

Actually on a serious note, I think sitting idle is morally wrong. I can say work to me is worship. I feel while I am working I am actually properly utilizing the breath, the resources that has been given to me by the almighty. Working makes me feel I am not reaping more than I am sowing 🙂 🙂 .

This actually answer a question which few people close to me always wonder about- “What thrives me to make them work?

So, here comes the answer my friends and my husband…your working makes me feel I am utilizing my resources better…hehe…love you all…

To be honest I wish I could make everyone on this earth to properly utilize every breath they have got hehe…scared? 😎 . Because I think it’s just this is what is needed to make this world better and that is what I am trying to do indirectly with this blog. Seriously I have been very lucky to have a very nice, caring, loving, joyful friends and very concerned, loving, encouraging teachers everywhere – school, college and coaching institute – and a supportive family especially my over-protective, conservative, loving father and extremely concerned, supportive and loving husband. Although I have always been grateful for such extreme affection and protection but at times it has irritated me, because firstly, due to that I feel I couldn’t ever enjoy a complete sense of freedom, there had always been somebody around, sometimes in the form of shade and sometimes rope; however I don’t used to mind that too much, as I was made quite accustomed to it since my childhood by my dear father 😀 . But after a certain point in life I realized that the over-affection became the cause of pain and tears in my life and lives around 🙁 . Before that I never knew there could be problem such as over-love 😮 . In short, I can say usually people suffer due to the absence of love but I have been one of those still fortunate ones who suffer, not sure whether equivalently unpleasantly or not, due to over-presence of love in their heart and life. You see why the topic called love is so close to my heart.

If you are one who wishes to have more pure love and care in your heart and life too, I would like to tell you that even excessive love and care both in your heart and life can become an issue and has its own complexities and one needs to be strong enough to handle it. I said it can be an issue but neither it’s morally wrong nor one needs to worry, as I feel there is somewhere somebody who gives you the power to handle it, one just needs to be ready to receive it 🙂 . Also, the irony of life is that people who have more pure love in heart only ought to have more pure love in life as I explained in the post What is True Love? (4)  What goes around comes around .

This time around, I don’t know whether by mere coincidence or was there some serendipity involved, I got a chance or rather I should say some time (Why should I hide from you now 😛 . You now know very well that my idle time is equivalent to brushing up my analyzing skills hehe) to analyze not only few more personal experiences from the past but also few more permutation and combinations of circumstances, responses and consequences from lives nearby, and as my analyzation went far and wide, further and further, I caught the culprit 👿 .

Did you read what I wrote? 🙄

I wrote I caught the culprit :mrgreen: .

I realized that the major cause of suffering at my home, your home and also directly or indirectly, indirectly, indirectly (3 times indirectly because you need to go deep, deep, deeper to understand this point) for humanity and this world is not the people around, it is the wrong kind of love practices been taught, been learned and thereby unfortunately and unintentionally been put to use 🙁 .

Hey, did you see I am trying to fix things around 🙂

Do you still want me to get a job instead? 🙁 .

Not fair !!…morally wrong 😕

I think you should wish for me to get more idle time…morally right 😉 .

Moving further, I couldn’t ignore that mostly adulterated love is being practiced in every other home, whether intentionally or not but it has its visible devastating consequences if someone is ready to open eyes to see that. It’s just that somewhere it being mutually agreeable is invisible, although definitely hazardous for both the home and outside environment but at least still justifiable at individual level; and somewhere it not being mutually agreeable, simply becoming a torture becomes visible. Not only in the personal life, I felt that such mutual agreement was prevailing in professional world also. I felt as if I am living in an ‘untransparent world’ being ruled by ‘unspoken mutual inhumane expectations’ and ‘formalities’ instead of ‘spoken mutual humane acceptance’ and ‘moralities’. And so I felt a need to take a stand for myself, for my family, for you, for your family and for everybody around and I guess this is what we are meant to do; not merely earning money and then finding ways to spend and save it. This quench of mine of understanding love, relationships and their importance in life and human behavior lead me being spiritual. But what happened that though after, firstly taking things lightly, overlooking them and forgetting them due to sheer innocence, then gradually getting irritated, then slowly frustrated, then completely disheartened by the pain and tears being caused due to wrong quality of love and relationships being exercised in this world and almost losing interest in life and people around, I entered spirituality. But after being spiritual I actually again started rejoicing the life I got.

You know what – Life is strange, so is spirituality and so am I 🙂 . And so is everything and everybody around 🙂 .

Henceforth, I can say that if you like the blog posts, then the credit goes to the lives around, not only above all for the experiences, sometimes adventurous 🙂 and sometimes not so adventurous 😐 ; but also for the blind faith, confidence and the pure feelings I have seen in the eyes of the people who have been around, not only all my friends and family members but also few other not so close acquaintance and especially my teachers, which has been and will always be the greatest treasure of my life. 🙂 🙂

And if you do not like the blog posts, then the blame too goes to them. 😉 😉

Why would I take the blame if I am not taking the credit? 😛 😛 …morally unjustified.

Hence coming to the blog, it has been months and I haven’t written anything. I know you wouldn’t have minded that as the eye opening things I discuss here are little difficult to handle 😎 . I can understand who wouldn’t rejoice staying away from them for a while 😆 . But, it’s just that my husband is little jealous of you, you got the leisure that he thinks he can just dream of 😛 .

But you know what I don’t want the pleasure to be all yours….morally unjustified 😉 . But seriously neither do I want the pleasure to all be mine. 🙂 🙂

Right now while reviewing what I wrote till now, I am realizing that the most frequent phrases I had been using are ‘morally right’ and ‘morally wrong’ and so as I am trying to look back to my talks with my friends, my mother, my father, my brother and my husband. I think that discussing what is morally right and wrong has always been my passion. All my friends and my husband and few family members could be the best people to comment on this. 😎

If you noticed I said all friends but just few family members because I have been one of the younger siblings in the family and you have been too, you can understand my point. But if you haven’t been the younger one, let me tell you, while there are pros of being a younger child such as too much care and protection, more leverage, getting demands fulfilled soon and more. There are cons too and one of them is that you are not taken seriously 🙁 . Though they say and act like you are being taken most seriously but the truth is you are not. And I am serious about that 😐 . So if you are planning to have two or more kids or you have two or more kids. I would like to request you to take the younger ones seriously too. It would be morally wrong if you won’t… 😛

So here I am all set to pursue my passion – discussing what is morally right and what is morally wrong 😀 . So you better beware haha :mrgreen: . I am just joking, you know what – you are safe. Even if I think of bombarding a lot of posts I cannot, as I have lots and lots of household and parental responsibilities and also few other self-commitments and now you know quite well about what kind of workaholic I am 😉 . But I act wisely, I make sure to write a post so deeply to bombard anyone’s mind, until I get back with another one haha 😎 .I really do believe in win-win. Agreeable..?

Think. 🙄

Think. 🙄

Please don’t take so much time. Agreeable it is. 🙂

I am just joking, my intention is not that. My intention is to cover each and every aspect of the topic as we all know that partial knowledge is far more dangerous than no-knowledge and so I always try to share as much as I know 🙂 .

But, life really seems to be getting easier for me. But you know what – You can help me in making it easier though.

How ❓ ❓

Simple, by allowing me to make your’s a little difficult… 🙂

Seems unfair….morally unjustified 🙁 and scary too 😛 .

I know but I am just asking you to make it superficially difficult as we all know that ‘Though changes are unwelcoming and difficult to adopt but the truth is that – Life can progress with you without changes but you cannot progress with life without changes as life doesn’t wait for anyone; it progresses anyways, with or without our progressing’. The choice left with us is – either to progress with life and truly enjoy it or to not progress with life and suffer it. To make it clear, by progress I don’t mean professional, financial or family progress. I mean self-progress – personal progress, emotional progress, intellectual progress or wisdom, spiritual progress.

At this point of life, I think  I can simply state life as a long river whose flow is not in our control, what is in our control is either to learn swimming techniques and become a good swimmer and enjoy fearless breaths till we are in the water simultaneously saving ourselves and people around, or to resist learning swimming techniques ourselves and use swim rings (our possessions, learned skills, etc.) and swimmers around to save us from drowning and linger fearful breaths forever. You know why I compared life to a river and not to a swimming pool, because flow of river and life cannot be monitored and that of a swimming pool can be. Hence, as swim rings and other swimmers cannot be relied upon while going in a river, so cannot they be relied upon in life. Think over it deeply 💡 .

So, coming to the point again – I am asking you to make it just superficially difficult but overall easy, I promise 😀 . I told you that I am the supporter of win-win. And you agreed with me, just above few lines. Now you cannot refuse, it would be morally wrong, unfair for me. 😕

I know I promised to continue with the love topic but as the flow got obstructed due to the life busyness. I just thought of leaving that for now and share something else instead to start with again as I already had enough of love lessons (4) but I would love to get back with may be 4 more 😛 . Scary… 🙄 . Sorry I can’t help neither can you as the topic is close to my heart. You know how close buddies love and life are and I think  “A life without the right kind of love in it is not worth living”. And it would be lovely if in any way I could help my soul mates in living a worthy life… 🙂

This time I thought let the recreation be the real recreation – for me and you too. I hope you had a good time reading this and I was able to bring you back to life 🙂 . But as we all know that life cannot be and also should not be (morally wrong 😉 ) all lived in recreation. Next time it would be work for me and work for you too. See, I believe in win-win. I wouldn’t mind signing it for you somewhere? 😛

I may need some extra time to get a post as there are few more things to be done for the maintenance of the blog apart from writing as it’s been long I haven’t touched anything. I hope you can understand but honestly I am trying my best to take out time for it. But wait, let me ask you something – Have you already read and given a thought upon using the earlier ones?

No…then you know what you don’t even have a right to point a finger on me…..morally wrong hehe 😉 . Please first go and finish them. I will get another one for you until then. Let’s see who wins. But please do remember – I want you to win. If you are gonna win, I am gonna win already. Win-Win 🙂

If you are reading this line, bravo!! you did some nice reading today…it’s time to note down the date 😎 . Just kidding, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart – firstly, for bearing me so long 😀 and secondly, for giving me a chance to use successfully my talent of getting and creating the job to be done once more 😛 . Just trying to get a last smile before leaving 🙂 .

On a serious note 😐 , you know what, today I have shared my heart with you, just to let you know if you would give me a chance. I wouldn’t mind having few more friends and being luckier in the future too… 🙂

I can be reached at rbloglife@gmail.com, in case I could ever be of any help. I will try my best to get back to you soon. 🙂

Please remember – you and I cannot change the family and the world we lived in but we can surely change the family and the world we build in. Let’s at least give it a try. Please 🙂

Please do read the blog posts again and again, ponder upon them and also comment, share and subscribe. Bye. Take care.

Best wishes and regards,


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