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After writing the blog posts on ‘Is Life really a Competition?’, I realized that ‘Life a Competition’ is a paranoid delusion straining mind and body, so I finally signed off from it. As I breathed a sigh of relief, the next moment the thought that blew my mind was ‘How to raise an uncompetitive child in this so-called competitive world?’

As I always like to emphasis that we should analyze the Why aspect before the How aspect. I reiterate: Understanding the rationale behind taking a decision galvanizes the process optimistically. Hence, I gave a pause to reflect on: ‘Why should we raise an uncompetitive child in this so-called competitive world?

Back in high school, we all wrote an academic essay about pros and cons of competition. But as the sense of competition was so deeply ingrained in us; hence we just wrote the essay to make good grades without any hope of escaping out.

The childhood competitions were claimed to prepare and strengthen us to face the competition of life. Making it to mature adulthood and opening our eyes, we see no such competition of life existed ever.

Don’t you feel cheated?

Who is to be held responsible for the betrayal?

But the question comes ‘Will the blaming help?’

No, absolutely not as blaming never helps.

Who should be blamed when a leaf falls from a tree?
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How about taking a step that helps instead?

As now the understanding of life not being a competition plainly turns down the most prominent rationale for getting competition into our blood.

What do you think about reviving a hope for a life without competition? How about saving our children from feeling cheated? Wouldn’t it be better utilization of time and efforts rather than blaming?

Why we as parents or elders are responsible to guide them?

The reason is quite simple and straightforward: Although it is very inopportune yet also true that everyone else including society, friends, and siblings are busy racing each other to future; as the sense of competition has been imbibed not only thoroughly but also successfully in human society across the world.

Will my efforts as an individual be useful? The world seems to be going the other side.

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Beware. Yet another bewilderment; strong enough to pull you backwards even before considering the thought about existence of life without a competition. Please remember it is all of us who comprise the society, the world. You never know your changed attitude may change the world around you. To experience it, you will have to try it.

If society is harming our children, we as elders or parents cannot harm them.

We are not here to add fuel to the fire; we are here to put it off.

Is considering and then preaching ‘life a competition’ a myth to our children, a righteous move? Won’t I regret later?

The question to be resolved with 100 percent certainty no confusions, no falling backwards later.

The ever expanding sphere of influence of competition with each passing generation has left us disoriented. Unfortunately, most of us today are not sure: Whether we are participants of race of life or not? Whether to compete in all facets of life or not? And most importantly, whether it is right to compete or not? As parent’s trust strengthens children, and parent’s confusion weakens them. Hence, it has become crucial that we decide once and for all whether to work to support competition in life or undermine it.

So, What do you think?

Before sealing the deal, Shouldn’t we rewrite the essay on‘pros and cons of competition’ again, this time meant to make a good life. I wish we all had written it for life back in school. But the truth is regretting doesn’t help either.

Truly speaking, I am not feeling a need to spur you to take out time to ponder upon the assertions for and against ‘competition in life’.

I am sure you will do it, just the way I will. Meet you soon!!

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2 thoughts on “Competitive Child or Uncompetitive Child (1)”

  1. I think, how competition affects a person highly depends on his personality. There are people who are born as competitive, it’s how they are. And for such people, competing becomes a driving force to get better at what they do. But yes, there are also people who have different priorities and have different attitude towards life and contentment. I feel, while rearing a child, it would be the best to observe how he is, and just let him grow according to his nature.
    Thanks for the post, Priyal.
    Keep writing. 🙂

    1. Hey Avani. I am glad you found it interesting. Thank you for expressing your view so nicely. I hope all is going on well!!

      Best wishes,

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