‘Being busy unceasingly’ is simply ‘being unhealthy and disorganized’

You busy?

In the process of reviving life, I came across a profound realization: ‘Being busy unceasingly’ is simply ‘being unhealthy and disorganized’.

Organizing the mundane task and taking a different approach, has not only given me more time to share a laugh, pain and truth with my loved ones, but also I feel dramatic improvements in the sense of my well-being. Still, on few days a taxing schedule keeps me overly occupied, but I manage to stay a bit more composed and lively rather than getting exhausted and distressed. Certainly, even today, my schedule is packed around-the-clock, but at least now my mind and heart have room for more. In the past, even a slight inkling of doing more use to leave my mind shattered and heart sore. Things seem to be changed for good – When everyone crossing path seemed to be busy, not being involved or leisure time use to give me a sense of guilt, but I don’t regret not being overly occupied anymore; in fact, I enjoy, it being a rare treasure nowadays.

Moreover, previously, people’s habit of not responding or not calling back, asserting their perpetual busyness in life due to work, home, relationships, responsibilities, stress, children, and so forth, use to bother me too much. Subsequently, each time wondering what is so special that they do ended up wasting my time and energy. Now while revisiting life I finally caught myself in the rat race of ‘Being busy’, embraced by most of us consciously or subconsciously.

In the past, the eminent members of the community, those devoting much of their life for a cause, may be personal or social, had no time left due to their habit of taking burdens of responsibilities. Still they managed to be available for everything. By virtue of their deeds they received appreciation and respect in society. The human greed for power, prestige and adulation, made him blind to the reality that the worthy once were getting appreciated for their concrete work. Thus, human beings misconstrue the situation thinking that being busy is equivalent to being important.

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Therefore, undoubtedly the mobile apps to manage the to-do lists are a much needed creation; but what is incredibly gratifying is the option provided to snooze tasks until to be done, for tasks just meant to be on the list forever, not to be accomplished ever.

The anguishing irony is that being busy is a norm these days; everybody’s got plate full as it doesn’t matter what you are up to? The humans’ attention fixates on staying busy rather than fulfilling the goals. Supposedly staying busy is a reconciliation to avoid the pangs of conscience. And it happens putting something into words often, we eventually end up giving efforts to actualize it and forget that it was not meant to live with.

What are we busy about in life thought If we are so overwhelmed juggling the responsibilities and struggles of life, how come we have time to stop and portray the busyness? Have we forgotten that actions speaks louder than the words and in fact, the people who are engaged with a doing never claim to be busy, their work speaks for them.

Working on myself, I feel being busy unceasingly is simply being unhealthy and disorganized, thereby now prolonged spells of busyness in my life are certainly indigestible to me. Also, no longer do I feel offended by people’s habit of claiming to be busy always. A spiritual approach towards life made me realize that my expectations for time and efforts from others were too high.  Therefore, I should wholeheartedly spare them and myself by not getting hurt due to those who don’t even know how they themselves are doing. But, I probably owe praying God to bless them, because their attitude has also been an effective motivator for me to contemplate and organize my life. I wish I could pray to God to help them rather than bless them but I cannot as Even God helps those who help themselves.  

I totally agree that for working people, competition and job insecurity keeps you attached to the work for long hours and leaves you exhausted enough. But in the long run, it not only decreases your efficiency and energy but also deteriorates your health. The bitter truth is also that the office or work will definitely get another employee, but you won’t get another life. In the process of making the organization immortal please don’t forget that you are mortal.

never get too busy that you forget living thought-time scarcity
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A word of caution for the ‘Workaholics’: those addicted to work due to an urge to discover a sublime piece of work before dying – Before you grow weary, please understand that any kind of addiction is unhealthy and eventually leads to burn out. There is more to life.

Keep a hand on your heart and ask yourself: Seeing the highly unbalanced and stressful life, what do you foresee the future of the coming generations? Don’t you think the pacing world will compel them to blame their parents for giving them birth? Aren’t we responsible to exemplify the beauty of life to them?

While penning down all this, the serendipity strikes and somehow I came across an article by Tanya Lewis entitled Steven Hawking Thinks These 3 Things Could Destroy Humanity . After perusing it, the anxious thoughts that greatly overshadowed my mind can be rightly put into words by Abu Bakr’s saying O man you are busy working for the world and the world is busy trying to turn you out.

It is true that there is more to do in this world than can ever be done. But the need is to understand that it is half the truth, it is also true that everything is not meant for everyone and being busy is certainly not healthy. Therefore, it is time to prioritize the living aspect of life and recall that we are human beings driven by a human body and mind and not a 24*7 machine. And, also help people around us to realize this and contribute to the change the world requires, humanity requires.

I have choosen to be happy in life as it is good for my health thought
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Please open the inner eyesight and leave the habit of putting busyness above everything and prioritize the obligations. It is absolutely ok to take off time for self and enjoy the stillness. Lighter schedules are acceptable if you work with integrity and sincerity. Try to use ‘Time’ to stay organized and not to run behind it.

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