About me


Who am I…?

Hello, My name is Priyal.

I don’t know what to say. I am just like any other person in crowd; I don’t like to talk much about me. Anyways since I got this space to put my words and you have taken efforts to come to this page. Here is what I feel “Who I am?”.

I love what I do, I do what I love.

I believe in giving my best efforts in everything I do. Be it eating, I m a foodie; be it laughing, sometimes I can go on laughing and it seriously becomes difficult for me to stop, have been asked to get out of the lecture room a number of times in school and college; be it cleaning, I can spend hours cleaning a portion of my house; be it cooking, I can stand for hours in kitchen and often be found googling recipes; be it reading, I enjoy reading; be it writing, I love to write whenever I get time; be it computer programming, I am not a tech freak but I do enjoy coding. I enjoy the process instead of worrying about the outcome.

Right now, I am a stay-at-home mom to a toddler girl. In 2011, I successfully graduated in computer science from a renowned engineering school of India and after that I worked in IT sector. I was a young woman with big dreams and enthusiasm to chase them. Then, I became a mom, left the job and planned to get back to work after sometime. I never imagined life after a child would change so much.

I had heard motherhood was difficult but never heard it is complicated too.

Definitely motherhood is blissful but it actually overwhelmed me, as I realized that it is also an act of juggling child care, my health, my career, a home and a family. It left me so confused, so exhausted and finally upset and broken inside.

Again and again, an anxiety used to hit me about how to manage it all and left me depressed. Still I thought this is the way life is and I was still hoping to get it all; hence, meanwhile I kept myself motivated with the thought close to my heart “Do your best and forget the rest” and began some preparation to get back to the academic track by stealing some time off.

One day, in the midst of an anxiety attack, my love for writing came back and I composed the thoughts that frequently haunted my mind. You can find them in a post entitled “Can we have it all? “

The scribbling became the moment of enlightenment for me as it rightly addressed my anxiety.

To resolve my confusions, I thought of holding hands of the almighty “God”. I always had little inclination towards Spirituality, but never gave time or rather I should say enough priority to follow a spiritual path, as mostly people nearby were reluctant to accept it. But then as nothing seemed to appease my anxiety steadily, I thought of experimenting with Spirituality. I always thought I held God’s hands tight but as I entered the path of Spirituality I realized how superficial the hold was.

Oops! I just used the word “Spirituality”.

Did I scare you?

No, not really as much as I scared myself.

Truly speaking, I was perplexed about using the word spirituality being aware that the word is likely to meet strong resistance. But eventually I thought, if I won’t use the word Spirituality how I will show you that Sprituality, if justly practiced, how beautiful and simple it can make life.

Please, Can I request you to avoid the resistance for the time being?

Why this blog ‘Revisiting Life’?

I had never thought of sharing my thoughts with the world, I never ever thought that one day I will be using my clicks on keyboard to share my thoughts instead of piece of programming code. That’s what life is, full of surprises.

I am going through a phase where I am able to feel true happiness by changing the approach and perception about life and hence, Revisiting Life. I want to change hearts for good. I am working on mine first, have to travel far. I have realized how slight changes in our way of living can influence our life amazingly and that’s the beauty of life. Through this blog I am trying to steal some time to pen down my thoughts and my learning experiences about life, human behavior, health, food, parenting, spirituality and also few personal inspirations and realizations and also analysis of few unseen aspects.

The other day I was discussing this with my husband. He asked “Do you think you will be able to make a difference”. I replied “Even if I could make a slight change in one life, I would be grateful”.

So I would really be happy if it would be yours, the one reading this.

I can be reached at rbloglife@gmail.com, in case I could be of any help. Ideas for blog posts are also welcomed.

Thanks for your time. Have a great day!!

Hope to see you around on the journey of revisiting life.